Damnnn! Talk about major drishti for this one! This is actually the first time I’ve heard of this pose .. It was very challenging for me to keep balance! Thanks @yogakneez for the support day 4 #MythologyMovement Today we have #cowheardpose ( part two of yesterday’s mythology) Goraksha’s name means “cow protector” and may just refer to his humble beginnings. But in India, the light of consciousness is thought to be embodied in cows—even those that can’t magically fulfill wishes. As with Matsyendra, “Goraksha” may not be simply a name but rather a title honoring the yogi’s spiritual attainments. “Metaphorically, Goraksha’s story says that when something in life doesn’t look like what we want, we often cast it aside. But in the most discarded thing can be hidden the greatest blessing,” Vernon says. And, as with the tale of Matsyendra, Goraksha’s life story underscores our potential to awaken despite all sorts of obstacles. Hosts♡ @_m.i.k.e.y_ @yoga_at_a_glance @colleen_theyogi @myjourneywithinyogi Sponsors♡ @Om_matters @Lovekikikins @Yogasloth @Haramichinyc @Gurugrid @Slit_weave @Nuxactive @Karmamantra

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