I have seen many yoga students quit yoga due to their pain or simply not engage in certain poses that cause pain.  Maneuvering around a painful pose simply inhibits their ability to learn stability, balance, and enjoy the spiritual as well as the physical aspects yoga has to offer.

As a beginning yoga student, I faced many of these challenges myself.  This is how YogaKneez Pads were designed and created:

  • The first suggestion is for yoga students to place a folded towel under their knee.  I found that placing a towel under the knee would cause the knee to crunch, scratch and pop.  These positions ultimately cause the student to roll off of the towel and out of the pose.  This was very constricting, painful and created an incredible loss of stability and balance that is needed to learn the practice of a pose.
  • The second suggestion is to fold the mat to create thickness in the mat.  This interrupts the flow of the pose and the practice.  This suggestion creates frustration in concentration, destabalizes balance and interrupts the flow of breath.
  • The third suggestion is to use a folded blanket.  The blanket does not allow for your knee or any other painful extremity to sink into the pose. The blanket is heavy and difficult to adjust.  The pose becomes constricted and cumbersome to the student’s practice.
  • The fourth suggestion is to buy a thicker mat.  This suggestion has a potential hazard in that thicker mats have a tendency to move and slide out of position.  This suggestion may  leave an impression of yoga being impossible in so that, the focus is shifted to possibly falling or potential injury.

YogaKneez pads are a quick and convenient solution to any pose that might be painful.  It allows for comfort and stability of any pose without folding a towel, mat or carrying a heavy blanket.

YogaKneez are made of high-resilience foam, washable cotton fabric with a “stop-grip” underside that will not slip or slide on your yoga mat or hot yoga towel.

YogaKneez are easy to carry, secure in a  yoga sling or roll up in your mat.

Large and Small YogaKneez

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