Awareness brings us to the place where we begin to listen to our bodies. It begins by forcing a pose or a solution that doesn’t work. We listen and begin to hear other people struggle with pain in a certain pose.

We know we are not alone. We begin to wonder if we are doing it wrong. We see other people that have had injuries, surgeries, and joint pain. Sometimes we compare and we are not all the same.

We seem to be afraid to ask for help. We wonder if Yoga is for us. We listen and learn there are solutions. However, sometimes we find them frustrating and even sometimes more painful.


Acceptance encourages us to trying some of these solutions. We try a prop: A block, towel, folded mat or a strap.

Acceptance teaches us that we are not the same, we are not alone and that we can adapt and overcome.

For some, the pain and frustration is interfering and cumbersome. However, we know we need Yoga. We begin to feel the peaceful rejuvenation of our limbs flexing their muscles. We feel our mind come to a place of peace. We feel less pain. We try harder to overcome the obstacles that make us fear we will not complete our journey. We wrestle with the positives and negatives looking for a solution.

We accept that if we keep trying, we will have a pain-free practice with intention of a pose. We struggle to reach our goal to have a place in time that we become connected with our mind and body.



Action connects us to all our thoughts about our yoga practice. It allows us to try a prop for a pose.

We can increase our flexibility by using a strap to allow us to gently guide our bodies one inch more. We can use a block to extend our reach in order to perfect our form and be comfortable to learn our practice.

We can try a towel and be disappointed by the lack of support, rolling, popping and grinding of our extremity. We can try a blanket only to find that it is bulky, cumbersome and without the support necessary for the stability and balance of the pose. We can fold our mat to find ourselves stopping in the middle of our practice only to lose concentration, breath, and our pose with the flow of yoga.

We decide against the idea of suffering or quitting. We decide that there is a solution for a pain-free pose. We decide that we want to continue our practice without pain, so that we can progress with a fearless desire for the mind body connection.

We decide there is a product available for the comfort of our painful pose. We have found YogaKneez Pads for a Pain-Free Pose.

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