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Client Testimonials

Jennifer Derham, M.A., Ed.S., 200-RYT  Founder. Instructor. Editor-in-Chief.

I love mine and have recommended it to my students that otherwise need to double up their mats.


Dr. Benjamin Woods

As for your product, I really do like it a lot! I’m actually somewhat older, age 69, and I begin to experience knee pain when I’m on them over a minute or two, but with the YogaKneez pad, I have no pain at all. This makes it possible for me to do with ease any poses which require one or both knees to be on the floor.

By Views from the Podium

So often as a yoga teacher I have a student come to the yoga in the hopes that it will help their knees in prevention of surgery or rehabilitate the knees after surgery. In the Bikram Series we spend a good deal of time on our knees in what is considered Japanese sitting style, Fixed Firm Pose, or Camel Pose. This can be extremely painful for the students that are in the hot room to rehab their knees and frustrating, as well, as they would like to participate in these postures. It simply is too much pressure for the joint to take. Often we instruct our students to roll up the front of their mat or use a rolled up towel to put under their knees and take the pressure off the joint in order for them to engage in the posture. This works well, but often the student lags behind the rest of the class as they adjust the mat and towel throughout the 90-minute class.

The solution: Yoga Kneez. I am in love with the simplicity of this product. It’s the perfect size and just the right amount of cushion for the knees. It is one of those products where you think to yourself,!”

I recently gave this product to a student of mine that recently went through a double knee replacement to see what they thought of it. How wonderful to have them coming out of class with a huge smile on their face, knowing as I watched them practice how well it worked for them to get them through the series.

What I love best about Yoga Kneez:

    1. It’s simple and requires no fuss. Simply place it under the knees when you need to and engage in the posture.
    2. It doesn’t give you too much cushion, but gives you exactly the right amount you would need to relieve stress on the joint, yet keep you in your best alignment.
    3. The anti-slip backing helps to keep it in place and create the ultimate stability for the student, unlike the rolled up towel method that can begin to rotate and unroll throughout the posture.
    4. It washes like a dream. I wasn’t sure if it would hold too much sweat and become soaked throughout the class. This was not the case at all and when I threw it in the washer and let it air dry, it was as good as new.
    5. It’s extremely well made, durable, and comes in a huge range of colors.

Students, if you are currently using a rolled up towel or mat to help you with your knee issues you will fall in love with this product. Instructors and studio owners, this is a product that will assist those that struggle with knee problems to engage in the postures, helping them deepen their practice. This is one prop I would allow in the hot room for the student that truly needs it!

Check out the Yoga Kneez website here.

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