My yoga endeavors began when I signed up for Yoga 101 in college. The professor was an authentic and beautiful human being. After graduation I continued to practice with her and grew to love how yoga made me feel. Twenty-two years ago the options were limited for public yoga classes so I was left to study on my own when she retired at age 70! My spiritual practice continued with breathing (pranayama), meditation (dyana) and a yogic diet. Often a series of Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutations) would start my day, but without a class and a teacher my physical practice dwindled. Several years ago I was reawakened when a nearby yoga studio seemed like the answer to rehabilitating my post-partum body. After pregnancy I had torn the meniscus in both knees and was in general physical discomfort from lack of movement. I figured I wasn’t a beginner so I picked a Level 1-2 Vinyasa Flow as my first class there. I clearly was in over my head, I could barely keep up and felt broken in all new places, including my heart. A few months later I tried again, this time selecting a Level 1 Beginner class and took it slow. I placed blankets under my knees but everything still ached and felt wobbly. The only posture that felt good was lying down (savasana). Discouraged but determined, I discovered a pressure relieving pad called Yogakneez. Much of the credit for my ability to continue practicing back then is owed to this knee saving pad, my supportive partner on the mat. With the guidance and encouragement of the incredible Yoga One teachers, Kimberly Manthy, Sara Neal, Laura Rooney, and others, I persevered. Eventually strength began to build up in the muscles around the knees and in my core and from there I started to flourish! With my strength restored and faith renewed, I hoped to find a way to share this path with others. I became a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga One’s teacher training program with the remarkable Meg Galarza who continues to be an endless source of knowledge, encouragement, and inspiration to me.

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