Good evening,

I’m writing from Afghanistan, a place where the mountains are high and the desert sand is harsh. I work in the hospital as an operating room nurse. It is a busy life, working 12 hour shifts 5-7 days a week. Yoga classes were introduced by an apprentice, like myself. She started classes 2 days a week, 2 months ago. I’ve attended every class and now I am helping Kandie teach once a week. Today, Kandie brought me the box that you sent to us full of beautiful yoga knees. I chose the sparkling peacock pattern. It is gorgeous and will be a great addition to my yoga studies. I do have knee problems and some poses have just not been possible due to the pain it creates for me. Your yoga knee pad is a blessing. Thank you so much for thinking of us over here. Yoga is a great release for us and people like you make it more bearable to be in this war-zone.


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